Can't Access Otto on Dev Server VM from OttoDeploy nor Browser

Client is a defense contractor. Production machine is locked down to local access only. Dev VM is restricted to my IP address. Both are Windows Server 2019. FileMaker Servers have SSLs. I access Dev remotely via the FQDN used for the SSL. Happy green lock for my remote access.

Their IT guy and I just got the Dev VM connected to Prod yesterday. I can access Production FMS Admin/Otto via its matching FQDN since he created a network alias. Orange lock for RDP FileMaker Pro to Prod, but it’s quick.

OttoDeploy has to be run on the Dev server via remote desktop since that’s the only computer that can see both servers.

Access Tests from Dev Server Remote Desktop

Any ideas as to what’s going on? Nothing is showing up in the otto logs. All ports are open in the firewall.

This is a challenge with defense contractor customers. We have one of those, and someday Claris is going to require a call home to the mother ship and FileMaker will be programa-non-grata. In locked down environments, it’s likely that something else is still blocking communication. If I recall correctly, Otto uses 443, on windows there is also the question of file sharing between the two machines. I do not know if all the FileMaker ports need to be open between each machine.

Chances are they have a switch in their network that says “make developers struggle.” Your goal is to find the person who can turn that switch off.