Coloring Errors in Log only looks for 'fail' keyword

Lines containing “Couldn’t” should be red too.


Hey Nils,

Which version of OttoFMS are you on?

The messages you are mentioning that should be red are not red because they are just the output of the migration log. We are not coloring the migration logs based on any keyword matching (yet). There is metadata that defined a line as an error, which is why the message that cancels the initial migration is red.

Once we add some sort of message matching for the migration logs those would be red.

As for the rest of the messages, those migrations should not be running in the first place since a previous one failed.

Do you have concurrency enabled on this deployment? I could see that the concurrency may cause this. I’ll look into this bug, thanks for the report!


Hi Kyle,

thank you for the quick response.

OttoFMS 4.4.0
Concurrency is off (1)


Thanks for the info Nils! I’ll get that issue fixed in our next version of OttoFMS, we should not be running subsequent migrations if a previous one fails. Thank you!


The issue where the migrations were still running after a failure was addressed in OttoFMS version 4.5.0. Thank you!!