Control of offsite backups

How much scope is there to make amendments to the offsite backup?

First, Otto seems to add /dbs/ to the path of the saved files
I have a folder structure I would like to use and don’t really want other things added to that.

The script is named OTTO_OFFSITE and then adds the FM style yyyy_mm_dd_hhmm to the end, so that is the name of the folder
What is the opportunity to change the name of that script/schedule?

Have you considered the possibility of an option for zipping the whole backup folder and then transferring that? Would take more time but would save storage costs in the long run.

Hi John,

The dbs is there because you can also get containers. We need way to separate them.


We watch the FileMaker Event Log for when the “OTTO_OFFSITE” schedule completes. We match on the name. Having a fixed name is the easiest way to do that. Changing that is not impossible but pretty far down the list of things we are likely to spend time on.

We have considered zipping. We may offer it in the future.



A: makes sense, thanks for the info

B: helpful to know how its working at the back…

background is I have an FM file which will read the list of stored things at a specific location, in my case I can then filter this list be the first part of the /path to show all teh daily zip files for different projects or customers, and then select the whole zip for deletion once it has passed the retention period date (I keep the 1st of each month) which then loops over the found/marked records and issues a delete for each.

This method also implies that I can only do one offsite backup (one folder or all files) rather than several backups to offsite, one for each folder where I differentiate stuff, or even have a backup strategies…

We are thinking about offering multiple offsite backups in the future.