Corruption after migration

Hi all,

I need adivces and help.
I have corruptions after migration and I don’t dare suing Otto since I find the solution.
This is the situation :
I have a dev server and productions one.
on the dev server a dev file.
To test I make a backup of the dev and the production file.
I download them ands test for corruption : both files are ok.

If I run a migration from dev to production file : then my production file is corrupted and filemaker server send me a warning and can not backup it anymore.

I’ve done this test with multiple server and multiple times.

How to find why it happens ?

Kind regards and thank you

Hey Antoine,

Have you reviewed the migration logs to see if there is anything out of sorts? IF you’d like another pair of eyes feel free to send the migration log to me in a DM and I can take a look.

OttoFMS is using the Filemaker Data Migration tool to run the migration, there is nothing particularly unusual about the process that may cause corruption. The migration logs should show us some clues about what is happening here.