Error When Selecting "Builds

Updated OttoDeploy to 1.2.5 and OttoFMS to 4.4.0. Running on Ubuntu 22, FMS

Seeing the following when selecting Builds.

Hi J.

Where you able to get some servers upgraded to OttoFMS 4.4.0?


all the servers updated to 4.4.0 successfully, we just have the 3 that Otto won’t start on, and then this error on another server

Hi J,

I’ll be taking a look at this today, hopefully pushing out a fix in the next couple of days. I’ll let you know if I need more info for the fix!


For anyone who comes across this, we ended up fixing this in office hours by removing all of the build records from OttoDeploy. this solves the problem but you have to restart with your builds. You could also try deleting them one by one to find the specific problem build.