First set-up OttoDeploy deployed to backup disk not Macintosh HD

I have installed OttoFMS on a Mac Mini dev server.
Next I Deployed OttoDeploy from the OttoFMS console, to the default database folder.

The Deployment was apparently successful, but clicking open file gave an error, file not found. OttoDeploy.fmp12 was not showing in the Admin Console and indeed the file was nowhere in the FileMaker Server databases folder.

I eventually found the missing OttoDeploy.fmp12 in the FileMaker Server databases folder of the external hard drive which was plugged in at the time. I use Carbon Copy Cloner, so the external hard drive is a clone of the internal Macintosh HD drive.

I am posting this here in case anyone else has the same issue. It was little confusing at first.

Perhaps there is a way for the OttoDeploy Script to ask for user input if it finds 2 instances of the FileMaker Server folders? Or even batter, if the deploy script would default to Macintosh HD rather than deafulting to an external hard drive?

Hello Ben,

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This is a known issue. It doesn’t really have anything to do with OttoDeploy or the OttoDeploy install script.

When OttoFMS starts up it looks for the FileMaker Server folder. Since Carbon Copy Cloner is an exact Clone of the other disk it may find the Clone first. At that point OttoFMS will use the Carbon Copy clone for everything. Nothing will work properly until that is fixed.

You have two options

  1. unmount the clone and restart OttoFMS. It will find the correct server folder then. You can mount the Clone drive after that. But anytime OttoFMS restarts it might find the wrong server location again.
  2. You can tell OttoFMS to only look in one place for the FileMaker Server. Check out the docs here for how that works.



Thank you Todd.
I generally unplug the backup drive, to avoid weird things happening, but I forgot this time.
I wouldn’t call this a bug, just wanted to flag it in case it helps anyone else in future.

All the best