Node js custom routes

This is probably a bit out of scope of OttoFMS, but I’m looking for a way to handle this:

I’ve set up a Node server on my FMS box using Express. I’ve set it up to use the OttoFMS DataAPI proxy (so cool!) to post and receive form data from FileMaker. Everything’s working great. The only problem left, is that Express is publishing this app on a non-standard port, 3000. I’d love to publish it as another route on the FMS server using port 443, ideally sharing the same SSL Certificate used by FMS & Otto.

Do you know if there’s any way to do that without messing with files in the FMS directory? It would be cool to have that feature built in to Otto, since Otto is already doing that.

Do you know of any graceful way of handling that?


Hello :wink:

Is there a reason you don’t want to use webhooks for this?

I used to use express for this sort of thing. But webhooks are just easier and are built into Otto.


Perhaps if we were starting from scratch. But we have a fair bit of work built into the node scripts.

There is no way to do it with out changing the web server configs for the FileMaker http server.