OttoFMS Crashes - possible indicator of the problem


I used replace/install to install 3 files today on a server. First attempt crashed the server. This seemed to happen when I was starting a build operation on the target server just as the zip file was downloading.

Second attempt went through (didn’t run a build in parallel then).

Also - zip download size seems to be off (but works): finished downloading 180 of 186 MB successfully?

Crashed deployment:

Hello Tobias,

The log that shows that 180/186 has downloaded does not get updated once the download is complete, although it is supposed to get deleted once the download is done. I’ll take a look at that.

Could you send me the otto-info.log file for the server where the deployment crashed? I’d like to see what the error was for running the build in parallel.


Just circling back on this. Tobias and I DMed about his logs, he got a “TypeError: terminated” error at the time of the crash, which means that OttoFMs ran out of memory and was terminated by the Operating System.

We plan to address this by putting in a check that will prevent running a build during a deployment.


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