OttoFMS Migration Crashes FileMaker Server

After performing a migration from a build using OttoFMS 4.4.0 on FileMaker server totally crashes and OttoFMS shows 500 error. The issues seems to be when running a post migration script. Running on FMS on Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS.

Has happened across different servers.

Performing the same migration in Otto 3.0.5 on the same server with the same post migration script works correctly.

I can provide full FMS logs if required.

hmm that is pretty strange.

If I am reading this right it looks like the script is run successfully, then something starts to close the files, and tries to stop the server. Then FM server crashes.

  1. Is the file “Testing - Woodge” part of the Deployment
  2. Do you know if it works correctly with out the Post Migration script?


After further looking into this.

It looks the Data Migration ends at 15:24:10. BUT Something has told the FM server to stop before that, at 15:23:52. The FMServer process then crashes, which likely causes OttoFMS to restart which would crash your deployment.

But what is asking the Server Stop? OttoFMS doesn’t stop the service during a deployment.

So we need more logs. Can you send us the full Event log and otto-info.log? And the Deployment logs?



So the post migration script either did not complete or part of it failed as it did not deliver the migration complete email.

It’s not easy to tell how much of the script processed as I have completed the migration using Otto v3. The file in the Migration seems fine and opens without any recovery issues.

I’ve DM’ed you the log files. Let me know if you need any other information.

Hi Gabe,

Is the repeatable? Does it happen everytime?


Hi Todd, it doesn’t happen every time, but I have been able to replicate it.

If I run the deployments without the Post-Migration script then it always works.

Is there anyway we could get copies of the files so we could try to replicate it on our test servers?


OK, let me strip out some private data out from the files and I’ll send you the source and the target files.

great! Thank you

One other thing you can try is shutting down Otto3 . if you still have that installed on the servers.