OttoFMS on LAN for in-house servers

I would like to set up OttoFMS for a client who uses only 2 in-house servers (Dev & Production) They currently use the IP addresses of the servers to connect with FMP/FMGo

They currently just have the SSL certs that ship with FM Server.

For OttoFMS we would need to install SSL Certificates. Can this be made work for this kind of in-house LAN only set-up? I will not be able to persuade the client to connect their in-house Servers to the Internet.

Any help, links on how to set this up, would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Ben,

So sorry, but at this time there is no way to get OttoFMS to work with Self Signed certs, or IP addresses. You must have a valid SSL from a public Cert Authority.

I am not sure if you can make that work on an isolated network, or not. They could setup local DNS inside their network to use fully qualified domains. And if they have certs for those domains that might work. I don’t know if the servers need to be able to talk to the internet to verify the certs or not.

I’ll ask our infra structure team.

Stay tuned



Thanks Todd for the reply.
I get why OttoFMS will want SSL certs (& now we can use Lets Encrypt yay!) On the other hand there are plenty of clients still with good reason to use in-house servers, on a LAN only, so it would be interesting to see if I can get OttoFMS working in this kind of set-up.

Building on what @benmiller mentioned, I also have a client who operates in a local environment and cannot use a regular SSL. Additionally, they are behind a strict firewall, which complicates matters further.

Both the IT department and I attempted to install an SSL certificate to get Otto working, but the installation caused container loading issues on specific machines. We tried various troubleshooting methods but couldn’t resolve the problem.

Therefore, it would be beneficial if you could make it work with localhost or an internal IP, which I know is working with the FileMaker Data API.

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