OttoFMS, OttoDeploy, and OCC release!

Hey y’all,

Big release today! We’re releasing OttoFMS version 4.4.0, OttoDeploy version 1.2.5, and a new set of features is live in the Ottomatic Cloud Console (supported by the new OttoFMS version)!


This version of OttoFMS has a few of our more requested features, bug fixes, and some quality of life features. Highlights include:

  • Recurring deployment support (check out the docs for more info!)
  • Custom environment tags for all of your needs
  • Custom theme colors for the OttoFMS console!
  • FileMaker Files can be renamed directly from the OttoFMS console without being downloaded, renamed, and reuploaded!
  • OttoFMS now supports a Log Viewer and a File Browser in the Ottomatic Cloud Console!

Check out the full changelog for details and more information! Follow the upgrade docs to get the new version installed on your server!

Ottomatic Cloud Console

The Ottomatic Cloud Console now has a log viewer and a file browser that work with OttoFMS to make managing all of your servers from one place even easier!

The File Browser in the Cloud Console is a fresh new look at what we are planning with the OttoFMS file browser, as it is a complete rewrite of our existing File Browser. It has some great features like:

  • Downloading multiple files, entire folders, or multiple folders with a simple click of a button.
  • Restoring backups right from OCC
  • Uploading large files works significantly better with the new File Manager! In the current OttoFMS File Manager uploading a large file will timeout and fail if your file is too large, but with the new File Browser in OCC we implemented resumable uploads (similar to the FileMaker File Uploader in OttoFMS), meaning uploading that 3 GB build to the OttoFMS inbox should work significantly better with the OCC FIle Browser.


This version of OttoDeploy contains bug fixes and support for the new OttoFMS custom environment tags. Check out the changelog for full details.

As always, let us know if you have any issues with the new versions. Keep the feedback coming, I love hearing what y’all are doing with the software!