Problem with offsite digital ocean spaces backup

Hi Todd, Andrea from italy here!
i use otto offsite S3 compatibile backup but i have an “huge” problem.
in every setup that i use Amazon S3 “official” all work fine… with the compatible S3 Storage offered by Digital Ocean the problem was that backup work fine but otto never delete older one ! so i have set up to keep 14 backup copy but into the bucket i have 60 or more copy… and every backup the number increase.

how to help you to debug this problem? i tried 5 or 6 fms and otto offiste configuration and on digital ocean the “bug” is present every time.

if you need i can give you access to DigitalOcean to help to fix it


Hello Andrea

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Can you help me understand the problem a little better?

Why do you need to set the backup up copy to keep to 14? We usually set it to 1 or 2 maybe. FileMaker Server Backups then keeps only the latest 1 or 2. OttoFMS doesn’t manage this number. FileMaker Server does.

Where are the “60”? are these in your backup folder?

Could you also send us the otto-info.logs and the FileMaker Event.log for one of the servers that has the problem?



yes i try to explain better!

here the schedule:

here otto config

here the problem… backup would not delete after 14 days!

i send the 2 logs via email :wink:

the third image Screenshot-2024-07-03-alle-15-31-20 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
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Hey Andrea,

The “Backups to Keep” setting is for backups to keep on the FileMaker server, not backups to keep on the offsite location. When you set that to 14, it means that your FileMaker server will keep the last 14 backups on the server. If you go to the OttoFMS/offsite folder in your Backups directory you should see 14 sets of database backups. OttoFMS will push any backups from the offsite folder up to your offsite location, but OttoFMS does not overwrite or delete any backups that have already been pushed up.

When you run the offsite backup does it only send the most recent backup, or does it send multiple each time?

When you run this with Amazon S3, you’re saying that the S3 offsite is only keeping the number you’ve specified in the FileMaker Schedule? That is not how it should be working, but I can test on my side as well.


Kyle and Todd i was wrong… on amazon s3 all copy are present and not the only 14 days… so i confirm otto send every time the single backup but don’t delete it… is possible to suggest this function? I would like it and it would be very useful to manage offsite retention…

and kind of thnig that can connect to your S3 will give you the chance to manage the backups - CyberDuck, Forklift, Filezilla
Otherwise Otto has got to read the list of folders, work out which is the oldest and then delete that
Or build a FileMaker file with the functionality that can be triggered after the backup has completed


Thank you for clearing that up.

I don’t think OttoFMS should be responsible for retention policy. That feels like a separate concern. Some providers like AWS have built in tools to do this. So I don’t think it is something we will add to OttoFMS.


ok no problem… i manage offsite backup and rotation to s3 in other way ( bash script or similar ) . thanks for info