Recurring Deployments

I have a slightly different scenario I believe - maintaining a redundant cloud server for disaster recovery.

I would setup an AWS server with FM Server (or FileMaker’s cloud server?) and copy my client’s solution files and fire it up.

Every night at say 9pm, would like the FM Server (service) to halt, push the updated data files from a backup, and then restart the FileMaker Server (service).

In this way they have a cloud backup for about $100/month-ish in case of disaster so they can continue business reasonably for a few days. Would Otto be appropriate for this (via repeat deployment feature?)

Hi Scott,

OttoFMS could probably do what you are asking although not in exactly the way you describe.

Your backup server would have to run deployment every night at 9 to pull the selected files from the production server.

  • OttoFMS can’t pull files from a backup, so it would make copies of the production files on the production server when the deployment kicks off. This is important to understand because it means the production server would be impacted at 9PM when your deployment kicks off
  • There is no need to start and stop the FileMaker service on either machine.

Does that help?



That’s great news - I thought I would have to cobble together chron scripts, command lines, file transfer client etc to get this to work. Who can I work with to get this going?

Hi Scott,

OttoFMS is a free product. Most people set things up themselves. You can ask questions here in this community if you get stuck. Or if you would like somebody from our team to help you, you can take a look at our commercial support options.

Also remember that we don’t have the built reoccurring scheduled deployments yet.

Let us know what you would like to do.




Recurring Deployments are on the list for one of our coming versions, and they are a priority given the number of requests for them. I suspect that the version after our next will have recurring deployments.


Ah, I get it now, this was discussion of upcoming feature.

I would like to use Otto when that feature is ready and tested, and also happy to buy a pack of hours to get the most out of it and also show some support for P+G for making such a great tool

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