Run a Pre-Deployment Script on Source Server

I am dearly missing this feature because the first step in our pipeline is an internal deployment (from DEV to a preparation stage). To maintain a consistent build number and timestamp, these should be added on DEV. Alternatively, the deployment could refer to an actual build (by ID) where a pre script can already be set.

While I am at it, I can also think of a few useful applications for a pre script running on the destination server. If there was a way to incorporate actual script results, this would be even better.


There is a Pre Build Script. That is where we do these sorts of file prep. Does that not work for you?

We don’t generate the distributable directly from DEV; instead, we first perform a migration to a dedicated server. During this migration, custom production passwords and encryption are set, among other things. Internally on DEV, we use root/root for everything, but the target version uses customer-specific passwords for the files.

Since the build will be publicly downloadable later, we naturally don’t want to use weak passwords. If we were to start with a build, we could of course process it then with FMDeveloperTool – But for that, you would need a higher-level instance to orchestrate the whole process (or an integrated post-processing with OttoFMS)

I think I really need to delve deeper into SimpleQ; I have a feeling that I’m missing out on a lot.