Undefined License

Hi all,

I haven’t run a sync in quite a number of months. I went to do one, and ran into errors. Upon investigation, I found my license file wasn’t installed. However, my license is still valid - checked this in the license portal. I copied it again from the license portal where it should be entered and doing so just kept give a 'the license is undefined’ error in the top right of the screen.

I can’t do anything else in the Otto server portal. I’ll schedule a server restart next week when I’m able to, but in the interim, any thoughts?

just registered the whole change from otto v3 which i’m still on to ottofms… as far as I understand though, otto v3 should still work…

Hi Thomas,

For otto3, You can manually install the license file in the file system.

  1. Put your license in that file as the only line in the file and put quotes around it like this: "aa456jksg6ajkd84lsdlksdd"
  2. restart Otto

Let us know what happens.



Went to restart the Otto service - couldn’t from within the web console as it repeatedly prompted for a license. Then, I couldn’t find it listed in Services in Computer Management.

I will wait for that restart and maybe take this as a sign to go OttoFMS.

Maybe this will help.


hi todd,

got ottofms installed - is it possible to manually activate licensing for OttoFMS? I’ve got a root certificate issue on the server atm which IT need to look into. that’s why i had trouble with Otto 3 i believe now…


Hi Thomas,

You can manually add the license to OttoFMS in the same way you could with Otto3 but that will not help you with a root certificate issue. OttoFMS won’t work until you resolve that issue. So you will have to wait until your IT department fixes that for you.