Wasabi set up issue

Setup Wasabi as the offsite storage and when I ran the test I got this.

Reason is that compliance mode is on.
If I turn the compliance mode off and then run the test it passes, then turned it back on.

Is there a need to test the delete action, or can it be classed as a different warning?? It technically has connected as there is a text file sitting in the /bucket/folder

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 15.12.24

Hey John,

We use that text file to test the connection, the delete is simply to remove the test file when we are done. I’ll look into have the delete warning be less extreme, and possibly allow you to continue with a warning that there is an extra text file lying around in your storage.

For your case turning off the compliance mode for the test and then turning it back on should allow you to set up backups and have them work properly.