A use case workflow

I have a customer I am moving off an old in-house Windows server to hosted Linux (for all the right reasons)

What sometimes needs to happen is that at end of month the billing run ‘may’ go wrong (it’s a horrid old file I really need to do some dev on) and if it does I talk them through closing and renaming live file and then restoring the most recent backup (taken once an hour during the working day) and opening…

This all strikes me as a tasked deployment that Otto might be able to help with, given that they are not going to want to learn enough command line to make this work.

Close file - already there
Rename file - already there
Get paths from back scripts - new
Get list of folders from paths - new
Chose a folder - new
Select file from path/databases - new-ish
Copy file from chosen location to original folder - kind of new but also like a deployment
Open file - already there
Notify - already there

Could this be simplified into “Restore last backup of any given file” ?


Of course, that would be the desired behaviour
In this case they have backups from 10:00 to 18:00 and then one at end of day, 22:00
so the actual back up might be in one of two locations…

but that would be a massive user benefit to OttoDeploy/OttoFMS