Adding a server to OttoDeploy with Port Forwarding

When I try to add a server that has port forwarding setup, it doesn’t seem to be able to connect. I know the server has OttoFMS Installed, and I’m able to successfully access the server’s OttoFMS console using the port, but it doesn’t seem to work when I try to add the server to OttoDeploy. When I type in the URL I’m specifying the port number at the end, like this:

It’s forwarding 8022 to 443 in this example. I get the following error:


Yes, port forwarding is not currently supported. We worked really hard on getting rid of the port 3030 requirement. We just didn’t think of allowing other ports. But I can see the value of allowing it. We’ll see if we can add it. In the meantime you could use something ngrok - to expose your server over a different domain.



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Awesome, thank you so much!!