Adding Sub-Deployment

On subsequent sub-deployments, Configure Default File Options should be mirrored from the initial sub-deployment, unless you choose an alternate source.

I see you can duplicate the sub-deployment but am on the fence about which is more effort - duplicate and reset the files or add a new blank one and reset the default file options.

Thanks for the feedback. Seems like a reasonable request. We will look into it.



@OceanWest Would you rather have an overall default file options for the entire deployment when using advanced options? Or just copy the options down from the last sub-deployment?

Both I’d like to see overall preference for the environment then when you alter it offer a choice if my main deployment differs it’s most likely the sub would match that alternative. Perhaps in the dialog a button to use defaults / env preferences / previous sub deployment or clear?

I think that’s reasonable, I’ll see what I can do!