Additional Options

there should be an option close “all” files in subsquent sub-deploments

Hey Stephen,

Do you mean close all files on the server or all files that you have already done something with in a previous sub-deployment?


I would say all files referenced in all subsequent sub deployments and perhaps don’t open any until all sub deployments finish

That would be good to have I think.

Ok so you’re looking for the ability to close files for the duration of a full deployment rather than just for the period of the sub-deployment. That’s an interesting idea, and one that would have to be implemented carefully. I’ll add it to our list to investigate!



Hey y’all,

This feature is included with OttoFMS version 4.3.0! Files used in later sub-deployments will remain closed until that sub-deployment. For example, if I have 5 sub-deployments, and I have a file in the first and the last sub-deployment, that file will close during my first sub-deployment and remain closed until the end of the fifth sub-deployment, when it will reopen.

The one exception to this rule is that having a post-deployment script on a sub-deployment will cause all files on that sub-deployment to open. This is to ensure that whichever script you are running has the proper files open. If you are running a post-deployment script on a file not in your sub-deployment, but that is included elsewhere in the deployment, make sure to include it in the list of files to close for the sub-deployment that needs to run the script so that it gets opened before the script is run.

A couple of example use cases:

  • I want to close a file for the duration of a deployment but I am not actually performing any operations on that file (maybe its a multi-file solution i want to keep people out of while my deployment runs). I could add the file to the list of files to close in my first deployment and in my last deployment. Then the file will stay closed for the whole deployment!
  • I have 4 sub-deployments where I perform operations on 5 different files in different combinations. I want to make sure these deployments are pretty quick, so I want files to stay open or closed between when they are used. the new default behavior is that these files will just remain closed until they are done being used in the deployment!

Let me know if you have any questions about this feature or if you have any issues using it!