Adjust Width of Log Menu

Is it possible to make the selection a bit wider so the log names has some elbow room? :slight_smile:

since they are all logs do we need to have .log for each?

Hey Stephen,

I’ll see what I can put together! Removing the .log is fair, and I can make the width more responsive to long names


So while we are looking at this…
There are times when really what I want is the last n records as a download, to check some recent stuff. Like all logons for the last week, not the whole thing going back three months.

Is there some magic you can weave to enable this flight of fancy?

Thats an interesting Idea. Would you want to say “Get me the last 2000 lines” or would you want to select a subset of the log and download it (ie. select the 2000 lines with Shift+click and click a download button)? Even more alternatively would you want to download the log between two timestamps?


Was thinking about the last n (100, 250, 500, 1000 ) lines not a subset between timestamps. If I need that analysis I would be best downloading the whole thing, bringing it into FileMaker to do those searches.
I was just thinking a dropdown with pre-populated defaults. Getting 100 when you need 40 is still more effiicient than downloading all (and faster)

This is more, do some testing all day, and grab some lines to see what errors were triggered, so I can work on them - for example or similar with top call stats…


Thanks for the info John! I’ll add it to our list.