Aggressive Removing Build

Fetching a build is still painful slow. In addition to getting 500 Otto errors or 502 error on console while it is happening.

It was faster to download the build and then re-upload it to the destination server.

~300 MB is taking over 10 minutes to fetch. (is this a data center config issue?)

I had a deployment with two sub deployments I wanted to test the first sub-deployment and hit the > to just run that one and it succeeded. However it immediately removed the build from the inbox!

Is there a setting that I didn’t discover to keep builds?

Thanks Stephen

Hey Stephen,

At the moment there is not a setting to keep builds in the inbox. We know that we need a way to keep them, but we’re trying to strike a balance between keeping builds and preventing errors from “cached” builds, which would be old builds of the same name already being in the inbox.

We’re looking into ways to do this!