All or nothing re-migration

It would seem all files migrate or none migrate. If one file fails for some reason there is no way to fix the issue and re run this file’s migration of all files in the set.

While I have not tested Otto 4 on a multi-file solution yet, we would need this to move from Otto 3 to 4. There are many times we would do a migration and one file would fail and so we would just re-do that one file.

Well yes and no.

Sub-deployments are atomic, if any file fails in the subdeployment then all are reverted. This was done very much on purpose as it is much safer than allowing a situation where a system was partially migrated.

We cover this in a couple of place in the docs.

You can re-run a single file in a deployment as of las week. OttoDeploy now has a checkboxes next to the files in the file list. Only the selected files will be deployed.

TG2024-03-05 at 15.51.37

In the above image only ProofCore will be deployed

You can also deselect sub-deployments. Any Sub-dployments that aren’t checked will be ignored in the migration.

Hope that helps


and just in case you never noticed Sub-deployments. The are hidden by default. Turn on Advanced options to see them.