Alternate Source is broken in OttoFMS 1.2.0


I’m attempting to perform a Staging Refresh using alternate sub-deployments outlined here however when I choose the ‘Source’ field I get a dropdown that looks like this…

I have 4 servers configured in my OttoFMS file, but due to the spacing issues, I can only see 2 of the 4 servers. No matter how I resize the window, I can’t see all of my servers.

wow that is pretty messed up. What version of FileMaker and what version of Windows are you using there?

Also, you could try going to into Layout mode on that layout and open up the web viewer, and toggle “Automatically encode URL”. See if that fixes it.

You will have to turn on Standard FileMaker Menus to get to Layout Mode
TG2024-03-26 at 16.30.12

Let us know if that fixes the problem for you.



Nope, didn’t fix it. It’s not just sub-deployments, it appears to be every dropdown because now it’s doing it on the normal deployments too…

FileMaker on Windows 10 Build 19045

Well thanks for checking. It helps to remove that as a possible fix.

We are looking into it. It looks like a problem with CSS. We don’t see this on our test machines. But I will have to check to see if we have a Windows 10 build 19045 machine. If we can reproduce it we can fix it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


one more question… do you have a windows 11 machine, you could open the file up on? It would help to know if it there is a difference for you.



Hey y’all,

I have confirmed that this is happening on our test windows machines, I’ll be putting together a fix this week. Thank you!


Hey James,

OttoDeploy version 1.2.1 was just released, which should fix this issue for you. You can upgrade your version from within the application, let me know if you have any issues getting the new version installed or with the new version. Thank you!