Any Plans to utilize Features in 20.3 Developer Tool

I could see that this would be a natural extension to the platform to be able to perform
these tasks as part of a build or deployment.

Could be handy to prompt user for an encryption passcode (not the default ) when deployiing OttoDeploy run it thru the tool to removing or replacing EAR without - round robin download alter and upload.

  • Enabling and removing file encryption
    • Encrypt your database files to protect them from unauthorized access while they are being stored on disk
  • Removing admin access
    • Remove administrative access from all accounts and prevent users from modifying most design or structural elements of your databases
  • Saving a copy (compressed, self-contained) or making a clone
    • Rename a set of database files and automatically update the internal links to related files and scripts
  • Enabling Kiosk mode
    • Display your database files in Kiosk mode
  • Saving a copy as XML
  • Recovering a damaged file
  • Consistency checking a file

Yes. It solves several key problems. For example you will be able to change the encryption key on the fly when you install OttoDeploy or SimpleQ. Or any other Public Build package. That is just one of many uses we have planned.



Yes please add the option to encrypt the (new) target with the provided encryption for the existing target or a deviating encryption key.

Has anybody managed to rename multiple files with updating file references using the FMDeveloperTool? I could not find any suitable syntax for that in --help or elsewhere.

I also would love to see this integrated in a future version of OttoFMS :+1:. We prefix all files on DEV with a solution or customer code that has to be removed again during release. Also for maintaining multiple copies of a solution on the same server this would be very helpful.


The current release version of FileMaker server has the Developer Tool in it, but this version does not have the ability to rename files.

When that feature is added we will add it to OttoFMS :slight_smile: