Build gone but JIT builds show up

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Instead of my prebuilt build that is the basis for my deployment I now see JIT builds that were built on the server for other deployments.

Server says store 4 builds but it seems to confuse deliberately created builds with JIT builds.

Also, we should be able to specify how many versions of a build we want to keep on the server (if we do 2 different solutions on a server each with 2 active builds that should be spossible)

Hello Tobias,

the JIT build normally gets deleted as part of the deployment, however a crashed deployment may cause us not to properly delete the build. I’m investigating a way to flag the JIT builds as a JIT build in the metadata to: A) clean them up, and B) delete them before other builds.

I’m also investigating a method to flag a build not to be deleted by the automated delete process, that way you could store builds for longer.

For now, if you want to save a build and be sure that it wont be deleted I would recommend downloading it. You can reupload it to the outbox of the source sever when you need to use it if it is gone. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the flags I mentioned above!



Another option is to move the build to a public webserver. You can then use it as the source of any deployment.

We call this a public build, but it doesn’t have to public, in that you don’t have to share it with any one. We are going to automate this “Publish process” at some point.

You can read more about this here.

Thanks, yes, a way to keep builds longer would make the really useful. Because why have different BuildIDs if they get deleted anyways. It would make sense for example to have the latest 2 buildIDs from a build so that you could roll back to a previous build at any time should the need arise. Or if your newer build had a bug and you would want to roll out the older build to some customers that might be on an even older build. (if that makes sense somehow)