Cannot Log in to OttoFMS due to Password Change on FileMaker Server

I’ve changed the FileMaker server password using the admin console. Now I can no longer log into OttoFMS dashboard. This persists after a complete restart of the server.
Otto v3 is also installed on the server and I can log into that without a problem.

Please help.

Hello Tobias,

Have you tried clearing your cookies on the OttoFMS console? I’d also recommend clearing your cache.

If that doesn’t work, do you see any errors in your browser console? You can look at these by right clicking anywhere on the screen in clicking “Inspect element” or something similar. Then just navigate to the Console tab to see any errors that may have happened.

Thank you!


I also had a situation where I was able to login to the FileMaker admin console with credentials, but doing the same from the OttoFMS login screen said username and password incorrect. The only solution I could find was to uninstall OttoFMS and re-install. Sorry I don’t have any screenshots or logs to contribute.

I also had Otto v3 install as well, so that may have been a factor.

It is also possible that you may have run out of admin api sessions attempting to validate the new username/password. You could try restarted the admin server from the command line, that should clear your sessions and let you try again

That’s an interesting possibility. I’m not able to recreate it again at the moment, but I did try doing a full server restart at the time and I still got the same issue.

When OttoFMS tries to login does the response from FMS provide any more information other than auth un-successful? If so it may be possible to provide a more detailed error to the user.

As I said I restarted the complete server. Still cannot log in. AdminAPI works fine.
I think I have to reinstall otto. That is really a bummer bug.

Sorry you’re hitting this issue Tobias! I’ll be testing it on my side and putting together a fix.

Hey Tobias,

I’ve tracked down the source of the issue. We are currently attempting to log out with your old admin api token before we log in with the new one. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work if the old token no longer exists and it fires an error that says your username and password are invalid.

I do have a fix put together for this that will be going out in a coming version, I’ll keep you updated on its progress.

Your options for fixing this are to either wait for the fix (should be sometime in the next couple of days, hopefully sooner) or to delete your OttoFMS database and restart OttoFMS. You can delete the database by deleting the db.sqlite file in your OttoFMS/data folder in the applications folder (opt on Linux, Program Files on Windows, Applications on Mac). Thanks for reporting this!


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An easier way you could work around this is by changing your password back to your previous password, logging into the OttoFMS console, changing your password again, and immediately logging into OttoFMS. The admin session with your old password will still exist so we can update your credentials without hitting an error. That’s probably the easiest way to do this and you won’t lose your existing deployments and other information.

It looks like the fix will be coming out later this week or early next week (our timelines are slowed down a big since half of the team is at Engage). Thanks again!


Thanks for the fast turnaround. I will wait for the fix as this is a non critical system.

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This fix was included in version 4.1.0!


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