Changing the name of the OttoDeploy File

Is there any issue with changing the name of the OttoDeploy file? The reason is we have OttoDeploy files deployed to different customers but Keychain on macOS will only store one password because it’s the same filename. It’s annoying to have to manually enter passwords when switching between files.

Doesn’t seem like there would be an issue but wanted to make sure OttoFMS wasn’t looking for that file name specifically when running deployments.

Hi Patrick,

I don’t think there are any dependancies on the name. OttoFMS doesn’t currently task OttoDeploy doe data. The coms go the other way. OttoDeploy asks OttoFMS to do stuff.


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Great question!

No, OttoDepoy doesn’t need it to be named anything in particular. The only thing is that we show a prompt to install OttoDeploy if there’s not a file with that name already hosted, but you could just dismiss that prompt if needed.


That is a good point about the Installer. I forgot about that one.