Corrupted file when using special characters in password/encryption


I’m testing OttoFMS before moving from Otto v3. I have detected 2 issues with v4.0.9
I have tried to install a file from server A to server B (both servers running on Linux & FMS 20.3.1)

Problem #1 : passwords and encryptions containing special characters
It seems that if your origin file contains a password or an encryption key containing characters such as / or + or =, the output file on server B is corrupted and can’t be opened. FM Server logs says : Error 240 : File could not be opened: Not a FileMaker Pro database.
If I download it and try to open it locally, I have a FMP message saying : The translator for this file format could not be found or could not be initialized.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 1.48.44 PM

Problem #2 : Unable to encrypt a file using Otto

Suppose your source file on server A is unencrypted and you want to encrypt the destination file while migrating. Even if you specify an encryption password, the output file on server B is unencrypted.

On the confirmation screen, there is no password specified, even if I specified one on the previous screen.

Thanks for your help !


Hello Tommy,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be looking into the error with the special characters, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

As for being able to encrypt a file as part of a deployment, that is a feature that we are planning on including somehow. The ability for us to encrypt a file via the command line was only released in FMS version 20.3.1 and we’re still working on ways to include functions from the new FMDeveloperTool. I agree that it would be a great function to be able to encrypt or decrypt a file as part of a deployment, we’re just thinking carefully about ways to make sure that you don’t accidentally decrypt a sensitive database as part of a deployment simply because you forgot to include an encryption key in the deployment.

Thanks for the great feedback!


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