Default Build Selection Bug

When I select a Default Build to apply to my Deployment (including several sub-deployments) the build list includes a build that I had deleted rom the OttoDeploy table.

Here is the selection screenshot:

Here is the build list table display:

I would expect the selection list to match the build list for the source server. Am I missing something?


Ah in this case. We are actually pulling that list from the FileMaker Server itself that has the builds/. We are looking at the Outbox folder over and listing the completed builds it finds there. I get the confusion.

When you delete that table record we don’t delete that completed build up there on the server.

Not sure if that is a good idea or not.

Our ultimate aim her is to give you an easy way to archive all the completed builds in S3 or git, so that you could always use them in a deployment in case you need to roll back or something.

Any thoughts on that explanation?



I’d like to revisit this topic. I would prefer that if I delete the build in Deploy that it deletes the build from the server folder.

I build betas between releases that go to selected customers. When we make a release of the beta, I’d like to delete the betas and only see releases and new betas in the folder and the selection dialog.

Right now, I have 2 releases in the table and 5 in my selection dropdown.


Thanks for the feedback.

So you make a new Build record in OttoDeploy for each release? Is that how you think of it?

We have some plans in this general area, but they aren’t final, so I am still gathering intel.



Yes. We may need to push a feature to a client for testing. I’d prefer using a build (beta) so I can keep track of what they have. Once we release that cycle, I would prefer to delete the betas.


Hey Jeff,

In version 1.2.0 of OttoDeploy, deleting a build from the builds list will now give you an option to delete that build from the server if it is still present. This should help keep your build lists more in sync if you’re making and deleting new builds a lot. Thank you!