Deleting Failed Migration

I had a few migration’s that failed - one file had wrong password, I realized I had 4 attempts but then my server was 96% drive usage.

Does deleting the failed migration on the ottoFMS also remove the builds that failed?

I had deleted them manually via RDC but wasn’t sure.

It should be deleting the builds after they have run for each deployment. do you mind DMing me the deployment json and the deployment logs for the ones that are leaving the builds behind?


Yeah not sure what happened - I may have deleted the deployment already if I have another one and remember to grab the JSON and logs I will.

I had a strange one a bit ago not sure what happened the file doesn’t have EAR enabled, and the file was only a few kb after it decompressed on the destination.

building Build server is unreachable: HTTP error: 502 - Bad Gateway: undefined
opening The following files where not able open; WIRELESS.fmp12, their encryption keys may be incorrect.