Deploy to PROD, then refresh DEV

I have two environments: DEV and PROD. I’m trying to set up the following deploying pattern:

  1. Deploy files from DEV to PROD.
  2. If successful, refresh DEV with data from PROD.

Can you confirm that it’s currently not possible to set this up using a single deployment configuration? I looked into using multiple sub-deployments for this, but, while it’s possible to designate multiple sources, it looks like it’s not possible to designate multiple destinations.


I can confirm that currently that is not possible to do what you want with a single deployment with OttoDeploy.
You will have to setup two deployment with OttoDeploy, and run them one after the other.

This is something we will support in the future. It is on our roadmap.

If you don’t want to wait. You could build a simple FileMaker File that sent one deployment, waited for it to be done and then sent the other using the OttoFMS API and the insert from URL script step.

OttoDeploy has an option to copy the JSON Payload from the deployment so you could use that to construct the JSON you need to send.

Hope that helps



Thanks for confirming, and thanks for the suggestion.