Deploying From Build Keep Longer

I have a Deployment to pull clones from a build

it has many sub-deployments

I have turned off all sub deployments and just wanted to test the first one.

It succeeded I turned off the first and turned on the second and it indicated that it was fetching the files yet again.

I ran it again with two subs one failed.

I ran it again with different subs and it had deleted the inbox and needed fetch the build again.

There needs to be some delay perhaps an hour after deployment run if I edit that deployment enable / disable subs.

Just a waste of time and bandwidth to delete and fetch the same thing. (at least keep the build zip and unzip it again if necessary.

Hey Stephen,

Its a good point that when using the same build multiple times you don’t want to delete it from the inbox immediately. We’ll look into options for having the ability to keep a build in the inbox for some time.