Deployment failed with Istat error

Build server error. http Status: 500. FMS Error 18000: EPERM: operation not permitted, lstat ‘C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Backups\OttoFMS\outbox\build_wXve72zQB9cq\’

Not sure why, happens only with 1 deployment, others worked fine.


Does the same deployment always fail? Or did it only fail once?

If the same deployment always fails what can you tell me about the deployment, that might be different than the others.

Could you send us the Deployment JSON and Logs

and the OttoFMS otto-info.log from both servers.

You can use a direct message to send them to me.



I today updated the source server to the newest version and now we get

Build server is unreachable: HTTP error: 502 - Bad Gateway: undefined

When I use a predefined and prebuilt build it works.

So now I have restarted our source server and tried again. First migration on server 1 went ok. While that was running I started another deployment on server 2 and that failed again with

Build server is unreachable: HTTP error: 502 - Bad Gateway: undefined

after the first migration was finished and after the second faild I deleted all builds in the build folder and tried again. Now it went through.

As of now ottoFMS is very unstable. Hope we can find the reason for this soon.

Hey Tobias,

Do you see any errors on the source server from when you ran the deployment? They would be in the otto-info or otto-error log. If you could DM me your otto-info log from both servers that would be great. we’re working on pinpointing the source of these errors.


Done! :+1:

Hey there.

Sorry your having some issues and thank you for helping us get to the bottom of them.

But just a note to say we do have lots of people successfully deploying on windows servers, although a few, like you are reporting issues. We have very few if any reports of any issues on Mac or Linux. But there does seem to be an issue with a few but not all configurations of Windows Servers and OttoFMS

As soon as we can successfully recreate your issue, we will be able to fix it.

Thanks again for your help


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many thanks for al your hard work. I haven’t tested deployment on Windows yet, we use Windows as source only at the moment in OttoFMS. Target is always Linux right now, sometimes selfhosted, sometimes docker on

Problem occurred in both situations. I sent the otto-info log. If you need anything more from us I’m happy to support you in any way I can.


Thanks Tobias

That is helpful to know. I thought you were in windows. We may reach out with some more questions.

Thank you for your support


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