Deployment File Counts Counting Closed Files

just did a successful deployment however it seems the count of files closed are included in the file count. Although that makes sense it’s not entirely helpful.

Perhaps we might need additional columns?

Migrate | Replace | Install | Closed

Hey Stephen,

Are you talking about in the deployments table in OttoFMS? I’m not sure adding a separate column for each file operation is all that helpful, and it would make the table possibly too wide or troublesome. Adding a single column with all of these is not really sortable or filterable in any way.

I get that the closed operation is not a modification operation so its somewhat different than the others that are included there, I’m just not sure if removing it is the best idea since those files are being touched by the deployment.


Ok what if on the deployments overview we include the phases column when this is present it would become like a sub-summary report by phase.

Closing, Fetching, Migrating, Installing, Opening, Post-Deployment Scripts.

Each having their own counts and durations.

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Yes, in our testing I finally got around to “closing” the files on the target server. For this feature it would be nice if, well, you could select one button and simply close all the files. (I may need to put that as a feature request). But then it was weird to say 59 files being processed when in reality it was still only 6 It kind of throws off what you are seeing, so I second the request for some sort of a separation between a simple closing of other files.

While I’m on the subject, options to select opening the files, or not, would be nice.

This is helpful feedback.

Thank you


In version 4.3.2, the deployments table in OttoFMS no longer includes closed files in the list of files or in the file count.