Deployment to multiple servers

There was a question back in mid February about deploying to multiple destination servers in a single deployment. It was mentioned that was something you were aware of and was hopefully coming soon. Is this still on the road map or has it already been added?

With sub deployments it’s possible to pick an alternative source but not another destination.

My use case is that I want to do a new monthly release from a central server to a testing file on all my clients servers. This was possible in Otto 3, and each deployment was processed on each clients server at the same time. When doing this for a large number of clients having to manage a testing release migration for each client, and having to run them separately is quite time consuming.

Hi Gabe,

It is still on the roadmap, but it has not been added yet. Sorry

How many servers do you need to deploy to?


It’s about 10 at the moment, but that number is likely to go up.

+1 for this. We have a situation where after a migration sub deployment to a client server, we wish to pull migrated files back to our dev environment so we have a latest copy of the data (this is some, not all files).

We can’t currently do this as part of a single deployment given both source and destination roles are reversed for the second sub-deployment. We can work around this by setting up an entirely different deployment, but it does require intervention to trigger the second one after the first is complete.

Hey @weetbicks have you seen the “Refresh Dev” deployment pattern instructions in the docs? There’s also a video walkthrough there that describes how you can do this with sub-deployments