Deployment Verbose Logging

Another incoming request.

Ability to watch the stream of the verbose migration log would be handy.

One thing I remember from V3 was which file it is currently processing even though it was usually delayed a bit - I keep an eye on that because that tells me how long a process “should” take, and if I can step out for a bite to eat.

Right now it’s just a barber pole progress I want a bit more real time of where it’s at with each file, this can be more insightful if one or more file has default overrides.

Hey Stephen,

Are you thinking that it would be the full detailed log you see after the deployment is complete or do you also want the option to add see the optional verbose logging that the data migration tool could log?

I could see that having the full detailed log rather than just the most recent in each phase would be helpful, the verbose logging we could add too if its something you’re looking for!


In Otto3 we are making up the progress bar numbers. It’s a guess. We could do that again I suppose. But it would still be a guess.


We will be making some changes to support limited concurrent processing of migrations. We’ll see if we can fit in some thing then, as that will be effect this view dramatically.



Fully detailed log please :pray:

In addition to the full log a collapse/expand disclosure during the running migration a way to see what files are in the set and which completed and count of xx of xx would be ideal.

During a running migration we have no insight of that run. I can see more info on the other sub-deployment. Current deployment info should be available.

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Hey y’all,

In version 4.3.0, you now have the option to view the full detailed log for a running deployment in the OttoFMS console! There is a new toggle at the bottom of the running deployment page which will show you the full log instead of the abridged one.


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