Deployments taking longer than 15 minutes show status Crashed

Reading through the logs, everything looks fine until it starts opening the files. then it throws the error:

Unhandled Rejection at : Promise

And stops. Deployments under that time seem to work fine. I’m assuming the token for DataAPI is timing out and it is failing in an interesting way.

OttoFMS 4.0.9 on Linux.

Hello Lee,

Congratulations on running our longest deployment so far! Sorry you’ve hit this error. We’re pretty sure we know what the error is and we’ll be working on a fix to come out in our next version. The error is related to the 15 minute timeout of FileMaker admin api tokens.

Unfortunately there is not a workaround for it at the moment, but we’re planning on a new release next week that should have the fix for this. Thank you!


Nice! I’ve just got it on a dev server for the moment, so no real issues. Our deploys normally last 30-45 minutes so happy to be able to run a different scenario through. I’ll keep a look out for a new version next week.

Ok one workaround I hadn’t thought of is that you could keep the OttoFMS web console open, that should keep your token alive long enough to run the deployments if you need to run any long ones before next week. Keeping the FMS Server tab open should do it.

I’ll give it a shot and let you know.

A fix for this is included in version 4.1.0!


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