Encryption Passphrase Question & the new Atomic Update Feature


If I have a database that uses EAR, currently in Otto I am unable to open the file as part of the deployment because, in addition to the encryption passphrase, FileMaker server requires that I provide a separate encryption password to open the file. Since the passphrase and the password are different, the deployment fails as the server is unable to open the file after the migration. Does this mean that the entire migration will now fail?


FileMaker Server uses the same password/passpharse as the FileMaker file. There is only one encryption password for each file

You can enter the Encryption password as part of the Deployment configuration.

Does that help? Let me know if I didn’t understand your question.


Basically, when I type in the encryption password I’ve used to enable EAR, the Migrator file gives me an error saying that my password contains invalid characters and is invalid.

Hi again

Are you using OttoDeploy and OttoFMS
Otto 3 and Migrator.fmp12

Could send a screen shot of the error you see?