Error connecting to server - Admin API

In the server list, I see an “Error connecting to server” due to the FileMaker Admin API key being invalid. This server is on Ottomatic and was recently upgraded from Otto3 to OttoFMS. Is there a setting where I can update the Admin API key?

The server page should show you a yellow disconnected icon like this:
CleanShot 2024-02-20 at 11.47.53

If you click the icon it will give you an option to “reconnect with new credentials”. That’s the option you’re looking for to put in a new api key!


Its not a bad idea to add a link out from the health check if there is a problem connecting, I’ll add that to our list!


I might be missing that option because I’m not an admin in this organization. I’ll ask an admin for help. Thanks so much!

Yes, that option is admin only! We’re planning on adding some more discrete permissions sets in the future so that its not as extreme of a jump from a member to an admin.

Thanks Alo!

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