Error: read ECONNRESET

I’m getting this failure:

Build server error: failed - backup or copy failed: okta.fmp12. Error: Local Admin API error: fetch failed: Error: read ECONNRESET

OttoFMS is working fine on all of our other Linux and Windows-based servers. This one is Windows and is heavily loaded.

Hi Mike,

Did you get this once or are you getting it all the time?

What we can tell is that it looks like one of the API processes crashed. It could be the Admin API. The question is why? You could look in the FileMaker server logs and the OttoFMS logs, both of which are available from the OttoFMS web console. It might give you more info about a crash, and what caused it.

I am not sure if “Heavily loaded” means there are lot of files, or other processes running on it. Or if it has plenty of ram and disk space. But one cause of crashes is running out of disk space. So check that

Let us know what you find.



Hi Todd,

Thanks for for the reminder about viewing logs on OttoFMS - I actually hadn’t noticed it has a menu to pick from all the logs - that’s especially useful these days while the FMS Admin Console has a bug in it that causes me to be repeatedly kicked out and need to re-authenticate.

By “heavily loaded” I mean too many FileMaker files running too many scheduled scripts and too much time trying to make hourly backups. The server runs above 50% CPU load and RAM and the storage is not big enough. I’ve known this was a problem for awhile and was planning to address it by distributing the load to multiple new Linux-based servers. But, it looks like OttoFMS has forced my hand. So, this morning I asked our IT guys to give us more RAM and storage.

I’ll give you and update after we see how that goes.


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We upped from 12GB to 16GB RAM and doubled the storage on the volume we use for backups. I couldn’t convince our IT guy to give us more storage on the system volume.

Still seeing same issues. By the way, I can get a test deployment to succeed, typically once. And, there are other errors sometimes including 502. I’ve tried disabling hourly backups and some of the scheduled scripts that I suspected of overly loading the server.

I’m out of ideas. Is it time to pay for help Todd?


Also, by the way, I don’t know if this forum supports screenshots in posts. If it did and I could figure out how, I’d have been peppering you with pics of error logs…

HI Mike,

What do the logs show? Something is cause that server to give up. There should be something in either the FileMaker Servers logs or the OttoFMS logs.

Check on the server that has the dev files.


It should support screen shots. Just drag and drop them in like this

But you can also just attach them. If you don’t want to make the public. Use Direct Messages to send them to me



Drag and drop. Duh.

DM. Good too.

I’m a dummy. Could have been doing both. public when others might benefit. DM when I have to.

WIll do so going forward. For now, not sure if it would help. Feels like I’ve hit the wall. Let me know what ya think.

Shoot! I missed your reply about the logs till now. Here’s a screenshot of the last fail.

Backup or copy schedule timing out seems to be where things go sideways when they do. But, I’ve tried disabling all other schedules to give Otto all the cycles. The file is just a small one for testing. I out of ideas at the moment? You?

Hey Mike,

Do you see any errors in your FileMaker Server logs? The ECONNRESET errors normally mean that the service we are attempting to communicate with (FileMaker Server) has closed our connection without warning. If there are errors on the filemaker side that could help us debug whats going on.


Hi Kyle,

For sure. But, I’ll have to setup a clean test in order to narrow down the errors. I’ll have something tomorrow morning.



I’m getting the same ECONNRESET error. The deployment will crash but then after a “resume batch” it becomes successful and completing the deployment. And a check of the resulting Production file seems fine with all Dev corrections completing. I’m also doing some testing today to see if I can narrow it down.


Hey @mike ,

Are you seeing any errors in your fac.log file? Its in /Filemaker Server/Admin/FAC/logs/fac.log. Feel free to send the file along via DMs if you’d like us to take a look!


Hey Kyle,

Hate to admit, but I’m easily confused over which server to get logs from. In this case, you’d want it from the source server, not the destination, correct?

Yes, the server where the ECONNRESET error is happening. So that would be the source server in your case.

OK. In that case, I’ll have to get back to you, probably later today. I need someone else to get at that folder for me. That one is a Windows Server and it’s just too painful to get at the Windows file system over our VPN.

Hey Mike,

OttoFMS version 4.1.1 should help some with this error! We added some optimizations that we are hoping will ensure this error happens less. Let us know if it fixes your errors!