Error with Post Deployment script: 10902

Just doing some test deployments, made a simple script to run after deployment, and get an error in the deployment log saying ‘Post deployment couldn’t start. Error: 10906’

Any ideas?

Hi James,

Error 10906 means “The script is missing”. In other words when it tried to start the script it couldn’t find it.

Here are somethings to check.

  1. Check the spelling of the script. It has to match exactly. I often make script names very simple, or use underscores like “post_migration_script”. This just makes it easier when copying and pasting.
  2. Make sure the script is in the file you referenced.
  3. Check the privilege of the user name and password you used when you set up the post migration script. It has to be able to see and execute the script.

Let us know what you find out.



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:man_facepalming: Must check spelling before posting support questions!
I had the wrong script name. Ignore me!

By asking the question, you have made it easier for the next person.

Thank you