False disk full for Otto backup

We’re trying to get the S3 backup working but FMS reports…

FileMaker Server 20.3.2 on xxx reported the following event:

2024-05-10 21:04:00.295 -0500 Error 160 xxx Schedule “OTTO_OFFSITE” was aborted; not enough free space on destination.

We are using a secondary drive for backups.

Hi Andy,

That error message is from FileMaker server trying to run the backup. At that point OttoFMS isn’t involved. It’s just FileMaker server firing off a scheduled backup. OttoFMS will notice when that is complete and pick it up from there.

The cool part is that you can edit the backup schedule in anyway that you want, as long as you do not change it’s name.

So double check that backup schedule and make sure it is going to the destination you want it to go to.

Let us know if that makes sense



My bad, sorry. I was looking at available space wrong. Definitely is low space.