File Name on Destination

Since it is never clearly stated (even in Otto v3):
When I enter a filename for the destination file, is that:

  • The filename of the source
  • The filename of the source AND target

Also, could we please please have both as an option:

  • Select clone file on Source server
  • option to change source filename on destination server
  • option to change target filename on destination server
    • What is the default target filename on the destination server?

in combination with the already requested encryption features.

many thanks

The filename that you can change in OttoDeploy only applies to the destination/target server. By default, it will be the same filename as the source filename, but this allows you to effectively rename the file as your transfer it from one server to another.

We do have it on our backlog to be able to install a clone in OttoDeploy, but this can currently be achieved by doing a build first and choosing the “clone” option for the build. Then when you install the build, it will be a clone on the destination server.

Thanks for the try but it still is not clear:

What is the TARGET filename? Clone filename or the changed filename?

Thanks, Tobias

Also my request was that, as an SBA Partner, I can:

  • Name my file MySolution.fmp12 on my server
  • Have a version of that file called MySolution_CUSTOMER.fmp12 on my SBA Server
  • Migrate MySolution.fmp12 to MySolution_CUSTOMER.fmp12 on the SBA Server with the TARGET filename being MySolution_CUSTOMER.fmp12

Is that possible?

Many thanks

Yes the SBA case is explicitly supported.

For the choice you would choose “MySolution.fmp12” and in the destination you can enter “MySolution_CUSTOMER.fmp12”

Notice how we highlight which one is the source of the data and which one is the source of schema. See image.

Does that help answer the question?


Yes, many thanks!

So if I wanted to do a (right now necessary) very specific use case:
Clonefilename: TestClone
Sourcefilename: TestSource
TargetFileName: TestTarget

I would have to do that in two steps?

1.) copy the file TestSource to the file TestTarget on the destination Server
2.) migrate TestClone to TestTarget


Many thanks

Yes it is 2 steps. But you could do it as one Deployment that had two sub-deployments. Each sub deployment would be one of the steps.

Does that help?



Thanks! Were we not still on Ottov3 with this customer I would do it using Sub Deployments. Thanks for that feature btw!

Btw - one last question (Columbo style) - is there any otto way to also get the files of externally stored container fields to point to the new file after step 1?

Hi :slight_smile:

There is not a way to do that through Otto. But you can do it manually.



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Thanks, just tested it copying all manually and it works!