FileMaker Server 2024 crash

Hello everyone,

I have observed the following behavior on a Windows Server 2019 Standard with the latest updates installed and FMS, OttoFMS 4.3.5:

The following settings are enabled:

  • Activated Persistent Cache
  • Activated Persistent Cache Sync to Disk
  • Activated Database Server Auto Restart

Database migration with a 6GB data target

After 27 minutes:
Unknown deployment error: Error: EBUSY: resource busy or locked, rename ‘d:\data\dataxxx.fmp12’ → ‘E:\Backup\OttoFMS\deployment-backups\deploy-28\sub-deploy-28\xxx.fmp12’

It seems that the live database is still locked by Windows and cannot be replaced.

The FileMaker Server immediately crashes and automatically restarts, causing the database repairs to begin.

When I disable the settings, restart the server, and migrate again, everything works without any problems:

  • No Persistent Cache
  • No Persistent Cache Sync to Disk
  • No Database Server Auto Restart

Can anyone else replicate this issue?

I currently don’t have the resources to test this further, so I will leave the settings disabled for now.

Hi Rico,

Thanks for reporting this. We will take a look at this. Could you send the Deployment Logs and the otto-info.logs from that machine. It might help us pinpoint what OttoFMS was doing at the time of the crash.



Well we can sort of see where it is happening, as you pointed out. It is the moving the files back into their final home.

Our Ottomatic engineering team is going to investigate further.


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