Filename/path for offsite backup

Currently come in something like this in Wasabi

most of this is superfluous - to be fair it could really only be
or could it be an option?
or with a definable prefix
prefix/ so I can use the same folder with multiple Otto servers

Hey John,

That is an interesting idea. I think we expected that you would want a different folder path for each server.

You can use something like otto/customername/servername

That would group your servers by customer

Does that help?



It does, I can clearly I can set up different buckets and/or folders from each Server/Otto instance… the issue is still with the zip filename.

Although I have a test Otto backup working, I have a script that takes a folder, zips with a calculated name and then the zip is sent to /bucket/cliient
In some cases I have two different folders I want backed up in this way from the same server (and as yet Otto can only do one folder for me) - for example the stuff for my internal business processes (invoicing/quotes etc) but on the same server is a folder with all the dev files for a vertical thing I sell to clients (and use Otto to distribute)
I need those files in a separate /bucket/client

my Wasabi management file shows me two different listings… the point is that the filename is so long on the second that its kind of less than friendly

CLEARLY I can make the layout wider, but its designed to work on my 14" Air while I am away working and need to to do some restoring for a client…

Ah I see.

We have multiple backup locations on the roadmap.
I’ll see if we can add some kind of zip file name template configurator


Seems like I just piling things onto your map…!! :grinning: