First test deployment failed

Both servers with beta16, from AMD to ARM

Simple install, moving a file from A to B, into a folder which already exists. No encryption.

Click Start, pink error bar saying there was an error starting this deployment.
Nothing seems to be written to Otto error log

Hey John,

This is likely a validation error that we missed. I found one of these bugs earlier today. Do you mind inspecting the web viewer and posting a screenshot of the error thats appearing in the web console?

CleanShot 2023-12-20 at 16.58.50

CleanShot 2023-12-20 at 16.59.18

When I do that the whole screen just goes white, no inspector… will have to look tmw

If that doesn’t work a copy of your deployment json would work great too! You should be able to get that from the three dots menu in the top right:

CleanShot 2023-12-20 at 18.40.40@2x

Just a note… that copy deployment JSON will give you JSON with the credentials in it. You will want to mask them. We will add an option to get a copy with the credentials masked in the future.


  "deploymentId": "cc80dded-5308-4be0-8f90-17c288f69f8f",
  "scheduled": false,
  "label": "First test",
  "deployments": [
      "name": "First test",
      "source": {
        "type": "otto4jit",
        "auth": {
          "type": "apiKey",
          "apiKey": "ak_mykey"
        "serverUrl": ""
      "fileOperations": [
          "target": {
            "fileName": "SVR_AVC.fmp12"
          "operation": "install",
          "source": {
            "fileName": "SVR_AVC.fmp12"
          "location": {
            "folder": "default",
            "subFolder": "SVR"
  "abortRemaining": false

@john_r what version of OttoDeploy are you running? The version number should appear at the bottom of the settings page.

You’re sending this between two servers that both have OttoFMS, correct? And you’ve confirmed that its running on both machines?

Your deployment seems fine to me. I’ll need to add some more transparency on that error so that it lets you troubleshoot a bit better.

0.8 beta v7
and yes both have latest OttoFMS build on them
Sending one is AMD and receiving is ARM

Been back, deleted the whole thing and started again.

Same error and nothing ran…

New version gave me clue that API was the issue on the ‘to’ server, have now run this, with caveat in another post

I’m glad the new error messages are helpful!