FMS Migration Log

I love the log viewer in OttoFMS. it would be nice to also have the FMS Migration Tool log included in the list.

This may be a limitation of the FMS Migration tool. When you run a migration locally using the FileMaker Data Migrations Tool locally, the migration progress is displayed in terminal as it runs. If there is a way to have this process written to file and viewable in Otto, that would be awesome. It would help to determine migration issues.

Just a thought.


That’s a good idea.

Would you want one file per deployment?
Or all the deployments in one log?



I think one log containing all deployments is fine. I could be archived when it hits a certain size.

Remember, a deployment to me involves several sub-deployments.



Thanks for the idea


The migration log are shown in the deployment details page currently, shown per deployment. Does this not already solve what you were looking for? Or do you just want that in a different/combined format?

the log viewer has really nice search capabilities