How do you set up Slack Notifications

The release notes for version 4.3 state that you can setup slack notifications and it states to check the documentation for instructions on how to set it up. I’ve checked the documentation and the FMS console and I cannot find any reference to Slack other then mention in the release notes. What am I missing?

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In the announcement of 4.3.0 kduval writes “(coming soon to an OttoDeploy version near you)” So I think we are waiting for the next OttoDeploy deployment.


Yes, this will be made easier to configure in the next release of OttoDeploy! If you’re not using OttoDeploy, you can see how to set a Slack URL in the “Start Deployment” endpoint of the OttoFMS Developer API, at the path deployments[0].options.notifications[0].channelUrl

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Thanks guys for the clarification.

Hey y’all,

I’ll be setting up a page in the docs today calling this out and letting you grab a channelUrl for the slack bot, but as Eric calls out the only way to use it currently is through the developer api (which can be pretty easily run using the copied JSON from OttoDeploy and a program like Postman). I’ll let you know when the docs page is up and running so you can grab a url if you want to use this through the developer API!

I expect that we will have a new version of OttoDeploy which makes this feature and a couple other features from 4.3.0 available to you in the next week or two. I will post an announcement in the community once it is released!


New docs running through setting up Slack notifications with the developer API can be found here. These docs will be updated to walk through setting up notifications in OttoDeploy once the new update releases.

Thanks y’all! Let me know if you have any questions about setting this up in the API.