How does "Process Immediately" work?

Here’s a quick answer to a question I got from a user:

Can I ask for a bit more clarification on SimpleQ, please? Am I right in saying that if the Channel is set to Process immediately this is going to have the same impact as a PSOS call? However, if it’s added as a queued message, which is then triggered by the Server Schedule, which is set to run once a minute, this then becomes a single PSOS call, reducing the risk of too many calls being made simultaneously. Just need to understand fully so I can choose the right option.

Short answer: yes.

The API script for publishing a message uses a PSOS header, so Process Immediately will spawn PSOS sessions but scheduling a script on a server to run every minute has its own impacts that vary depending on how much load SimpleQ is handling and how busy the server is.

Is there any difference in the Authentication for ‘Scheduled’ vs ‘Process Immediately’ ? When I leave my Channel as not set to Process Immediately, the messages are processed fine, but when set to Process Immediately, they fail with a Code 100. I don’t quite get this - aren’t both process run using the creds set in the FMS Admin Console to run the script?

No. When you use process immediately it runs the script with the same account that created the message.

…and for the sake of clarity - that means the account used to configure the API key generated by OttoFMS? (assuming that’s being used)?

Yes, that’s correct. The Data API keys from OttoFMS should be considered like a placeholder for a given username and password. When they are used, your actual username and password are used to login to the FileMaker file